Right now in “a More Beautiful Life”, Fanny has a strong interest in her ex-boyfriend Caesar. MCE TV reveals everything.

A few days ago in “a More Beautiful Life”, Thomas and Barbara were finally able to open their restaurant. Unfortunately, this didn’t just make people happy at Mistral.

Indeed, Sophie and her colleagues are afraid that this new establishment will overshadow them. It must be said that they struggle to satisfy all their customers. Lately in a More Beautiful Life, they have hired Fanny, an admirable waitress.

But what the two friends did not know was that she had a relationship with Caesar in the past. And for several days, the ex-lovers seem to be getting closer again.

But soon, Thomas came to understand their little game of seduction. Intimidated by the GTS boss who financed part of his bar, Caesar remains silent for the time being and has not told Barbara, his current girlfriend.

But they did crack. After Fanny multiplied the allusions to seduce the young man again, they finally tried to kiss each other. Fortunately, a call interrupted them. MCE TV tells you more…

More beautiful life: Fanny shocked to learn the truth about Caesar!


In the next episodes of More Beautiful Life, Fanny learns that Caesar has a relationship with Barbara. So tonight’s trailer shows the confrontation between the two exes.

“We parted a little bit quickly last time,” the young man says. To which Fanny replies: “And it disturbed you, you don’t get over it?”. Apart from this, if you are bored by this TV series. Talk to real woman online.

As you will have understood, here the young woman plays the irony card. But Caesar is far too strong. The latter makes him understand that he regrets not 5th. She ends up characterizing him as “presumptuous and silly.”

But Caesar doesn’t seem to understand where Fanny’s coming from. “For a week, you chase me. You have to limit yourself on a leash because you’re so full-time. And now, like that, nothing? (…) Explain to me.”

Fanny then states that he could not understand, before adding: “because it requires human qualities that you surely do not have”.

The young man insists on knowing. So the latter comes out with Barbara’s name. Of course, Caesar takes a surprising look, before exclaiming: “Oh but I thought you knew about it! And do you have a problem with that?”

Whether you’re behaving like a with such a great girl or you’ve mistaken me for salep who can do such a blow to her? she replied. You’ll understand, it’s going to tremble in the sequel to More Beautiful Life!