A realistic sex doll from BBdoll.com can offer companionship and perhaps even satisfaction; and with the doll never caring about where you work, your car, or the contents of your wallet, some may say they add an air of uniqueness to a relationship. But it is important to note that many individuals often mistaken a sex doll for their actual partner. The main difference between this mistake is that you do not have a real human to come home too after seeing them dirty on the bed sheets knowing what was left behind physically and emotionally. Similar to anything else in life, we all want a companion who we can be themselves around but not at the expenses of our mental sanity.

Importance of Sex doll

Sex dolls make for the perfect sidekick, especially during the long stressful days of the work week. Sex dolls are always up for getting busy if that’s what you need or for just hanging out, so there’s no confusion when it comes to having to explain yourself. They don’t care about your job, car or looks (facial structure excluded) or anything else – they’re always on your side and there for you as a buddy who never judges.

Physical Presence of Sex doll

Although watching porn may not be a bad idea, but dolls are better because you can really see their bodies – which is far more satisfying. You will see this realistic body of your dreams on the table in front of you. The silicone used to create this sex doll is resistant to bacteria and thus easier to clean compared to a normal sex doll. The softness of the skin feels like authentic human skin, because after all, it was designed based on actual female anatomy.

Customization of Sex doll

You can customize your sex doll by spraying her with your favorite perfume to compliment her natural scent make her smell the way you want. You could also use flavored lip balm on her lips or privates to enhance the sexual experience.

Beautiful body of Sex doll

You will be able to detect a beautiful body with the addition of your favorite cologne. It can also help calm one down in stressful situations, especially when it comes to beautiful sex doll as it can make you feel extra comfortable around her. Life-size sex dolls are soft to the touch, have realistic features and, in some cases, even have body parts that can be enhanced. Life-size sex dolls can differ in size and appearance, but will always provide you with an incredible experience or different sensations that won’t get old anytime soon – whether you’re looking for something soft and sensual, a hard and kinky romp or anything in between.

Sexual Encounters

In your sexual encounters, kissing may seem very real. You can put your tongue into their mouth and feel the touch of their lips gently around it. When you are dating a sex doll exclusively for this purpose, there are many other features you may grow fond of like soft boobs with perky nipples that can be squeezed together to create a tight friction-like sensation during intercourse or rough play, depending on what you are in the mood for at the time.

Positioning of Sex doll

Every doll we have has a fully functional vagina and mouth for oral sex. Many dolls are available with a removable and adjustable vagina that is perfect for people of any size. You will find the maximum and minimum size on the product page of each individual doll. Be sure to choose one that will fit you properly or your needs You begin by positioning the doll how you wish. You view yourself entering the doll’s body and establish a rhythm as is necessary before climaxing.

Blowing of Sex doll

A sex doll blow job is something that every man needs to try. It is closer in feeling to a real blow job than any other counterfeit out there and is an excellent way to get you or your girlfriend/wife in the mood for something a little different. There is no reason why you should not give it a shot, especially when you consider that this mouth has been designed by sex toy experts for the sole purpose of giving pleasure. All you need to do is add some lubricant but don’t worry about the gag reflex, as this mouth won’t drag your penis into its throat too far, so even if she does get a stiff neck, once she figures out what feels good for her, she may enjoy having someone wrapping their lips around her and sucking on it. Lubricate any area where you’ll be inserting penetration. Just don’t go overboard! If you attempt to use too many things will get sticky and messy quickly.

Some precautions while doing sex with sex doll

Do not scrub the surface of the sex doll too vigorously and do not go violent on her during sex, as the resulting trauma may not be conducive to her health. It is important to remember that a sex doll is not a real woman, so you should not expect her to react as one either. The perfect mate should be handled lovingly and gently.