I was listening to a couple of guys that were resting next to me on a flight rather recently. Their discussion was exceptionally intriguing. I do not typically eavesdrop on other peoples conversations, but in this case, I made an exception. One of the individuals in question had actually made a decision to have time alone and also time with each other each traveling to see the various other some times a year. It seemed to be a great solution for this particular gent as he was happy and loosened up claiming it was the very best point they can have done as well as with a little preparation it seemed to be working out for the best for both of them.


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Clearly I did not get his wife’s perspective as she was waiting in the UK to satisfy him. However, from the overheard bits of conversation, I had no reason to think that the plan was not working for both of them. Up until now, so rather normal I hear you claim. Yes, I concur, however, let me now tell you what gent number two was stating as he chatted to his taking a trip buddy.